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Coffee Barista Workshops

At Green Monkey we take pride and care in the quality of our coffee and we have quickly become the best in the Tooting area. Have you ever wondered about the journey that your cup of coffee has embarked on to get to where it is and the art & skill in giving you that unforgettable experience?

Now, you can step through the looking glass! Our barista basics course will put you in the shoes of the barista, giving you the basic knowledge and understanding of what goes on behind the machine as well as learning a new valuable skill!

Prices: TBC

  • Includes light refreshments
  • coffee beans for you to take on your travels
  • coffee information booklet

Basics Barista Course

In this Basics course you will get an insight into what goes on behind the machine! You will learn how to create the perfect espresso shot and get to grips with what is done to create that smooth and silky milk to make our coffee so special.

This course requires no previous experience and will guide you through the workings of the Barista and the amount of knowledge, skill and detail that is required to make that delicious coffee. We also touch upon basic maintenance of the grinder and the machine itself.

Topics covered on the night:
  • Where the coffee is from & how it’s produced.
  • Interesting facts about the coffee industry
  • How to prepare the perfect shot.
  • How to extract a shot and what to look for in the perfect shot.
  • How to steam milk for different drinks.
  • How to pour latte art.

Price: £40
Duration: 2hrs 30mins
Group size: 6

Intermediate Barista Course

This is a course aimed at people who already have a foundation of coffee knowledge and are looking to increase their knowledge and skills.

We look at the principles of grinding in more detail and how we ascertain when and how to adjust the grind as well as achieving consistent milk steaming technique focusing on texture and temperature. In turn this will also bring us closer to being able to achieve some Latte art!

Price: £120
Duration: 3 – 4 hours
Group size: 4

Advanced Barista Course

At this level we really start to achieve a finessed coffee with the combination of a balanced espresso, perfect temperature of the steamed milk and the appropriate amount of texture achieved for the perfect tasting, smooth, silky coffee. This course requires you to already have a very good understanding and time spent behind a coffee machine.

We also look at how we use the home contraption of the Stove Top, also known as a Moka pot, percolator and how we can get the best tasting coffee from it.

Price: £300
Duration: 2days
Group size: 3

Professional Course

As the title suggests, this course is aimed for those wanting to go into the industry and become a full time Barista. Not only will you be able to produce brilliant tasting coffees at speed and efficiently, but also learn how to thoroughly clean and maintain both the coffee machine and the grinder. You will learn how to efficiently steam different coffees in one milk jug, how to manage your workspace to your benefit, how to get to grips with different coffee machines quickly and how to quickly trouble shoot if things aren’t going according to plan. And finally, we will put everything we have thought you into real life practice, which will include being on the cafe floor and behind the machine making and serving coffee as a barista to our loyal customers.

Price: £400
Duration: 3 days
Group size: 3 with 2 instructors